25 Days - October Shooting Challenge

Is it just me or has the first week of October just flown by? If you're just as busy as we are, you're probably realising how fast this month is going to pass and wondering how you're going to possibly make time for your own photography. It is one of the best seasons (if not, the very best) for photos; we adore the fall tones, changing leaves and crisp air. You owe it to yourself to take advantage of this time! 

So how can we make photography a priority when it is also one of the busiest times of year?
We've got a list for the next 25 days of October of daily shooting challenges to get you inspired. 

1. Self Portrait
This project is about you, so let's start with you! We're often so hesitant to get in front of the camera, so it's important to get out of our comfort zone and capture ourselves every once in awhile. And no I don't mean a filtered phone selfie! Lets aim for raw, natural beauty in front of our "real" gear. 

2. Strong Leading lines
Take a minute to get back to the basics and find some clear leading lines for your image. 

3. Silhouette 
I swear we're not just after "s" alliteration here. Silhouettes can be challenging for beginners, but it is all about understanding spot metering and having more light behind your subject than in front. If you need help, check out this article

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4. Find Indoor Light
Finding great light indoors can be a challenge, but can also reap great results. You may need patience and to shoot with a higher ISO than you're use to, but be creative and keep your eyes peeled for patches of light. 

5. Wildlife Photo
Being outdoors during autumn can be such a joy, and I think the little critters can agree. Get yourself out there!

6. Repeat Patterns
Repetition in photography can make for some fantastic images. Look for repeat subjects, textures, or colours. 

7. Macro 
Lets get up close and personal! Experiment with some macro photography. Don't have a macro lens? Check out this cheap lens attachment from Amazon

8. Shallow Depth of Field
Shoot with your lowest aperture for some creamy bokeh and depth. 

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9. Landscape Panorama 
Take advantage of the stunning changing scenery. Don't have a wide lens? Practice stitching together photos in photoshop. Not sure how? Read this article by Adobe.

10. Minimalism 
Sometimes the simpler the better. Try shooting a minimalist portrait with a lot of negative space or a simple still life photo. 

11. Coffee Steam 
Shooting steam can actually be more difficult than you'd think. Try shooting with a fast shutter speed, a dark background and having a side light. Pour a cup of hot coffee and settle in! 

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12. Motion Blur 
Shoot a fast moving subject with a slow shutter speed to experiment with motion blur. Think of your children, the family cat or anything quick. 

13. Panning
Did you know that if you shoot a moving subject with a slower shutter speed and pan your camera at the same speed your subject will be clear with a blurred background? Master panning with this article here.

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14. Yum yum!
Have you ever tried food photography? Whether it's simply your breakfast in the morning or you go out of your way to make a special autumn recipe (check out this autumn pudding!) try your hand at taking some delicious images.

15. Black and White Portrait
Create a contrasty black and white portrait either in camera or through editing. 

16. Candid Photo
Take a natural image of someone with a lifestyle feel.

17. Long Exposure
Use an extremely long shutter or bulb mode (you may need an ND filter) to create a long exposure image. If the night is clear give astrophotography a try!

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18. Reflections 
Look for reflections around you in mirrors, puddles - anything you can think of. 

19. High Perspective
Find some high angles for a change in perspective.

20. Low Perspective
Shoot down low for the opposite of the day before.

21. Candle Photography 
Taking photos of flames can be a challenge to get the exposure right, so get cosy and practice on some candles for some atmospheric photos. If you're planning on carving pumpkins you can practice on those too!

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22. Phone Photography 
Take a break from your big gear and have a play with your phone. Understanding light and framing can make a photo look professional on any gear, so that's the goal here. To have a little more fun, check out our iPhone lenses.

23. Natural Framing 
Find natural framing within a photo using trees, archways, doors etc.

24. The Colour Red
Find an interesting subject with the colour red.

25. Light Painting 
Using long shutter speeds again create fun images through light painting. You can use sparklers, torches or even moving cars at night. Check out this tutorial from PetaPixel.

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Do you accept our challenge? We'd love to see your images! Share them on Instagram by tagging us @thephotographygiftshop

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