Is Film Making a Comeback?

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The surge of digital products, rise of new technology and improvement of phone photography has left many photographers fearing that film will become obsolete. If you're like me though, you still love the look of film and enjoy spending hours in the dark room and couldn't imagine a world without it. Well there's good news! Film may be changing but it could also be making a comeback. After all, the hashtag #filmisnotdead has been used 5,218,262 times on Instagram. Crazy right? I've gathered some of the latest products that are helping keep film alive so that you can join the movement too.

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One of the most popular film products for the past couple of years is Fuji's polaroid camera. I love that this has helped bring instant film into the limelight and become more affordable. Traditional or "antique" polaroids can cost upwards £150.00 and £15.00 - £30.00 per pack of film whereas now an Instax Mini 8 can be found for as low as £60.00 with film included. They may not look or feel like the retro polaroid cameras, but they're still a lot of fun and give you the same instant gratification. The possibilities of accessories and displaying your polaroids are now endless, especially with trendy stores such as Urban Outfitters having entire polaroid sections. 

film photography photographer gifts london

If you're more of a "shot on iPhone 7" kind of person, but still have an interest in prints then Prynt may be the perfect fit for you. This case instantly turns your phone into a polaroid camera, but saves your photos to your camera roll as well - best of both worlds!


If you're after a more old school feel and getting back into the dark room, the Diana F+ Clone is the perfect way. We love this product so much, we actually have it in our shop. As a clone of the original Diana, this gives you the chance to play with 120 format and many functions such as double exposures, overlapping frames, light leaks, nighttime exposures, panoramas and pinhole images. It really lets your imagination run wild and is a great break for professional photographers who just want to get back to having fun and being creative. 

If this all feels a little too new for you and you are cursing the day you gave away your classic 35mm camera, all is not lost. You can still purchase these beauties from Olympus off of amazon. They will bring you back to the good ol' days. 

Maybe you long to shoot 35mm film, but get frustrated with a manual camera. You're still learning and wish that you could find something in between a digital camera and a film camera. Well, the Canon EOS Rebel 2000 is perfect for you. This 35mm camera has both automatic and manual capabilities, so you don't have to worry if your settings are perfect. If you're lucky you can find cheaper and older models in used camera stores or even charity shops, such as my Minolta camera here which my friend's grandpa graciously passed down to me.

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If you're wondering how you would develop your 35mm film without a dark room of your own Snappy Snaps can do it for you in under an hour. So no excuses!

What do you think about film photography? Is it dying out, just a new short trend, or will it always be here to stay? Let us know your thoughts! Have any other cool products to check out? Share them here! 

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